They are an effective vehicle to create value and receive high returns, not only for real estate developers but also for investors and other niches.

There are several reasons why it is convenient to invest in FIBRAs:

  • High potential for return on investment in relation to other schemes, due to the requirements for the distribution of net income subject to taxes and the potential for revaluation of the Real Estate Fiduciary Stock Certificates (“CBFIs”) proportional to the increase in the value of the assets estate.

  • It allows access to the Mexican real estate market as a viable investment option through a CBFI that can be easily traded and has a clearly identifiable market price.

  • Broader diversification with respect to geographic exposure and the type of property for investors looking to invest in the Mexican real estate market.

  • Applicable tax benefits.
  • FIBRAs can only invest in assets destined for leasing in Mexico, which translates into very predictable and safe flows.

  • Transparency. Every trust that issues fiduciary certificates must have a high degree of transparency vis-à-vis the trustees. Both professional teams, independent members, analysts and the market in general take care that the FIBRAs act correctly.
  • Asset Protection. The trust estate cannot be taxed or seized by the trustor’s obligations. Creditors can encumber or garnish the rights to the trust, leaving the business that is generated safe.

  • There is no expiration date. FIBERS do not expire. They are designed with a focus on income and constant cash flows, unlike real estate investment funds that normally have a life span. This allows greater profitability.

  • Stability for the investorThe real estate market, of real estate, has been historically stable in the country, so investing in these types of vehicles allows a safe return on investment.

  • Attractive returns via dividend and surplus value in the certificate. That is, they provide the investor with periodic payments (the product of the lease) and in turn have the possibility of offering capital gains (surplus value).