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Simon Galante Letter

Dear Members of AMEFIBRA,


In this first communication I would like to genuinely appricite your trust , in distinguishing me as President of our honorable association for the period 2022-2024. I would like to acknowledge the work of the presidents who have preceded me : Gonzalo Robina, CEO of Fibra Uno, in the 2016-2018 period, and  Luis Gutiérrez, president of Fibra Prologis, in the 2019-2021 period; Their lidership and achievemnts for the associates create  high standards in my duty. Rest assured that I will continue to persue AMEFIBRA’s objectives and work plans with full dedication and interest.


At the same time, I am please to inform that the Board of Directors’ talent pool will be joined by Jorge Avalos Carpinteyro, (CEO of Fibra Monterrey), as Vice President of the association, and Salvador Daniel, (CEO of Fibra Danhos), will also join the Board of Directors. The experience of all of them will strengthen the growth of the association and the sector.


Aware of the importance of all the AMEFIBRA’s members support and the consensus to achieve our purposes, I express my full recognition to each of the associates, for the achievements obtain in previous periods. I am committed to favour the dialouge with all it’s parties in each decision making process. As a result, we will always contribute to the association’s development  and the real estate market.


Likewise, I share that the main objective is to promote the understanding of the investment instrument that FIBRAs represent. If its scope is deepended, it will position itself as an attractive, alternative invesment in the Mexican real estate sector. Therefore, it is essential to continue strengthening the association through its organizational development, the promotion of its best policies practice, the consolidation of the educational area to raise awareness of its advantages and the growth of communication and promotional events, such as Fibra Day.


I will undoubtedly highlight those projects that strengthen the professionalization of the sector and best policies practice with environmental, social and governmental (ESG) criteria. It will be possible for two reasons: they are the central theme of the association and they inevitable mark its future.

Mexico is going through challenging scenarios that are also opportunities. In this sense, I invite you to continue working hard with common purposes and attached to the values that characterize us as members of AMEFIBRA: honesty, transparency and union.

I am honored to be part of this great team and I confirm, once again, my commitment for AMEFIBRA to continue being the voice that represents the real estate FIBRAs in Mexico.

Thank you very much,


Simón Galante Zaga

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