AMEFIBRA is the Mexican Association of Real Estate FIBRAs (REITs), it is the representative voice of this instruments in Mexico and promotes their integral growth

Established in November 2015, it represents 15 FIBRAs that participate in sectors such as commercial, industrial, hotelery and offices, as well as other real estate markets that generate income in Mexico.


It´s members are authorized by the Mexican Ministry of Finance to operate under the name of FIBRA, and are listed as public companies on the stock exchange market and are regulated by the National Banking and Securities Commission and total around Ps. 468,600 million in assets and generate Ps. 41,500 million in annual income from income.



  • Build a common front before regulatory authorities.
  • Maintain a single voice before the media and the general public.
  • Promote the growth of this sector.
  • Educate and transmit to the market on the benefits and characteristics of this investment vehicle, relevant data as well as statistics of the real estate industry in our country.
  • Achieve the union of the FIBRAs Real Estate sector in Mexico, with the aim of maintaining a common front and representation before the authority and the large investor public.

President of Amefibra: Simón Galante


Hello, my name is Simón Galante,



I am the President of the Mexican Association of Real Estate FIBRAs (AMEFIBRA). We welcome you to our website, where you will see all the FIBRA’s information that make part of this association. There are sixteen FIBRAs with more than 1800 properties and more than 600 billion pesos of investment in all the country’s real state sectors.




Board of Directors

Presidente: Simón Galante

Vicepresidente: Jorge Avalos

Tesorero: Miguel Aliaga

Dirección General: Josefina Moisés

Counsel of Directors

Simón Galante                    FibraHotel

Gonzalo Robina                  FUNO

Jorge Avalos                       Fibra MTY

Luis Gutiérrez                     Fibra Prologis

Salvador Daniel                  Fibra Danhos

Eduardo Osuna                  BBVA

Mikel Arriola                       Liga Mx


Normativity and Stock Market:

Gonzalo Robina, Holder    FUNO

Oscar Calvillo                      Fibra Inn

Luis Gutiérrez                     Fibra Prologis


Promotion and Education:

Jorge Serrano, Holder     Fibra Danhos

Jorge Girault                      Fibra Prologis

Guillermo Bravo                FibraHotel

Rodolfo Balmaceda           Fibra Upsite

Diego Ysita                          Fibra Storage

Alberto Chretin                 Terrafina

Leslie Hulse                        Fibra Macquarie



Jorge Girault, Holder     Fibra Prologis

Edouard Boudrant         FibraHotel

Fernando Álvarez          FUNO

Carlos Gómez                Terrafina

Simon Hanna                  Fibra Macquarie

Juan Galindo                   Fibra Educa

Jaime Martínez               Fibra MTY

Alejandro Blasco           Fibra Plus

Luis Carlos Piñón           Fibra Nova

Luis Eugenio Saldaña   Fibra Storage

Tax and Legal

Gabriel Ramírez, Holder    Fibra Shop

Juan Valles                            Fibra Macquarie

Jorge Girault                         Fibra Prologis

Edouard Boudrant               FibraHotel

Daniel Gómez                        FUNO

Eduardo Elizondo                Fibra MTY

Alejandro Chico                    FUNO

Luis Carlos Piñón                 Fibra Nova

Alejandro Blasco                   Fibra Plus


Human Resources:

Marisa Martín, Holder         Fibra Prologis

Arturo Campos                      FUNO

Roberto Hernández              Fibra Danhos

Edouard Boudrant                FibraHotel

Luis Carlos Piñón                 Fibra Nova

Irvin García                            Fibra Shop

Paola Valencia                       Fibra SOMA

Rafael Albino                        Fibra SOMA

Elizabeth Gutiérrez             Fibra Macquarie

Hasha Pulido                       Fibra Plus

Perla Villarreal                    Fibra MTY

José Luis Luna                    Fibra Educa

Israel Hernández               Terrafina

Iga Wolska                           Fibra Upsite

Jacqueline Reyna               Fibra Storage

Miguel Rodríguez               Fibra Inn

Sustainability and ESG:

Karen Mora, Holder           FUNO

Montserrat Chávez,            Fibra Prologis


Alejandro Lelo de Larrea   Fibra UPSITE

Guillermo Bravo                  FibraHotel

Simon Hanna                       Fibra Macquarie

Jonathan Cherem                Fibra Danhos

Eduardo Elizondo               Fibra MTY

Miguel Aliaga                       Fibra Inn

Sergio Martínez                   Fibra Inn

Michel Forat                        Fibra Storage

Armelia Reyes                     Fibra Plus

Laura Montes                      Fibra Educa

Gilberto Delgado                Fibra Nova

Carolina Campos                Terrafina

Magdalena Abad                Fibra Plus

Raúl Hornedo                     Fibra SOMA