Since 2011, when the first FIBRAs entered the BMV, with a capitalization of more than $ 352,200 million MXP and total assets of more than $ 755,000 million MXP. They have obtained resources for more than $192,000 million MXN



Initial Public Offer realise dates:


FUNO. March 2011
FibraHotel. November 2012
Fibra Macquarie. December 2012
Terrafina. March 2013
Fibra Inn. March 2013
FibraShop. July 2013 
Danhos Fibra. October 2013
Fibra Prologis. June 2014
FibraMty. December 2014
Fibra Nova. August 2017
Fibra Plus. March 2018
Fibra Upsite. June 2018
Fibra Educa. June 2018
Fibra Storage. August 2018

Fibra Soma. October 2020



This investment vehicle has its origin in the United States, where it is known as REITs  ( Real Estate Investment Trusts ). Since their authorization in 1960, they were developed to encourage investment in large-scale commercial and industrial real estate projects, and it has become a true “boom” attracting other countries that have decided to adopt it, reflecting the interest of investors in betting in diversified alternatives with income equivalent to real estate income, with the security and implied surplus value being based on real estate.


FIBRAs/REITs in the world



In Mexico, the alternative of the REITs is the FIBRAs and they are born with the Miscellaneous Fiscal of the beginning of 2004 (end 2003 / beginning of 2004). Although similar figures were already used in our country, the fiscal concept of this product was introduced with a Fiscal Reform with rules that make its structuring and operation viable.


The Ministry of Finance, the Mexican Stock Exchange and the legislators united in the FIBRAs different fiduciary products with the intention that in the trust the property of the real estate developments, the rent and through the issuance of public or private certificates, be maintained, The operation is financed with interesting returns, increasing them thanks to tax benefits.