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Luis Gutiérrez Letter

Distinguished partners,


It is apleasure to write you with gratitude, achievements and the future of the Asociación Mexicana de Fibras Inmobiliarias A.C. (AMEFIBRA). Given my time as president, it is time to reiterate my deep appreciation for the invaluable experience of the past two years.


I am grateful to all the members of AMEFIBRA for their trust and their active participation in the projects that make our association a benchmark in the real estate industry.


The journey was not easy and we had to face an extraordinary contingency. However, working together we overcame adversity and kept us united to continue nurturing our reason for being.


Thus, during my 2019-2021 term, AMEFIBRA was strengthened with the creation of new committees to renew its organization. They focused on sustainability, human resources and fiscal matters, these new bodies offer multiple benefits to the sector. Likewise, work was done on the opening protocols to provide greater security to our associates in health matters, but the most important was that the comitees responded to the new conditions and challenges of the digital environment. It is withouth doubt, that we all learned to work in a different way, with efficiency and care.


In this path of adaptation and growth, AMEFIBRA’s Board of Directors was also strengthened with the participation of two independent board members: Eduardo Osuna, (CEO of BBVA) and Mlkel Arrióla, (President of Liga MX). Their contributions will give the association objectives and crystallize its institutionalization.


On the other hand, I am proud to inform you that in the last two years of work, AMEFIBRA FFO financial metric was defined and published, in agreement with the FIBRAs. The ESG manual was also published and the first ESG 2020 report with the participation of all the FIBRAs members of AMEFIBRA, which is a spearhead for the real estate sector in general. As a result, the FIBRA sector takes a step towards the institutionalization of the sector by adopting transparency policies and international practices.

In terms of promotion during my tenure, three editions of the annual Fibra Day event were held, in addition to participating in courses and webinars with universities and the two stock exchanges in Mexico. Another achievement was the AMEFIBRA web page ( to establish it as a source of relevant information for the sector. Substantial progress was made, but there is still work to be done


In this context, it is a priviledge to welcome Simón Galante, (General Director of FibraHotel) as the new President of AMEFIBRA 2022-2024.

As you all know Simon has a great track record in the industry and I am confident that with his passion and commitment he will lead the association towards transcendental goals. All the success in this new stage and my absolute recognition to this valuable association.


I will continue to collaborate with the Board of Directors, optimistic and convinced that Fibras are a great vehicle which offers liquidity to the real estate sector, contributing to the economic growth of our country.


Thank you


Luis Gutiérrez Guajardo

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