FibraDay 2021. 10 years in Mexico

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FibraDay 2021. 10 years in Mexico

FibraDay 2021. 10 years of FIBRAs in Mexico

In one decade, FIBRAs in Mexico have had an unprecedented evolution. There were 15 FIBRAs that have contributed to the development of the country, as stated in the third edition of FibraDay 2021.

This great event held on November 4 and 5, at the Live Aqua Urban Resort San Miguel de Allende, brought together the most prominent financial specialists, developers, and investors, who shared data, tools, and success stories, in the face of new challenges. Access the conferences below.


Videos available only in Spanish.

The Impact of FIBRAs on the Mexican Economy

Post-pandemic Perspectives, Back to Normal?

The Role of FIBRAs in the Reconversion of the Real Estate Future

Present and Future of ASG in real estate through FIBRAs

Strength and Growth: Fiber Resilience in Times of Change

Impact of Technology on the Future of Real Estate

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